Unicontrols V120/V130 Valve series (pneumatic diaphragm valve) Van chiết rót dạng màng

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The material discharge is adjusted by opening and closing the flow path with a diaphragm in the middle of the material flow path.
When air pressure from the controller enters the air port, the central part of the diaphragm is pulled up, opening the flow path and allowing the material to flow.
●There are many types of materials for the seal body, which is the wetted part, such as PCTFE, black PP, black PTFE, and SUS304.
●Diaphragm is used for the seal, so liquid does not flow into the drive.
●As it is lightweight and compact, it can be easily incorporated into automatic machines and used in multiple units.
●The opening and closing stroke of the valve can be adjusted with the flow rate adjustment screw, so very small amounts can be discharged.
● V120-T has excellent chemical resistance because all wetted parts are made of fluororesin.
●V130-T has a wetted body made of black PTFE, and V130-P is made of black PP, making it suitable for UV-curing resin materials and anaerobic resins.


V120-T V121-S V122-S V130-T V130-P V132-S
working air pressure 0.34 to 0.7MPa
Material pumping pressure Maximum 0.2MPa
Minimum discharge amount 0.005cc
flow rate 348ccm 1104ccm
Orifice diameter Φ1 Φ2
Maximum number of responses 200 times/min
pneumatic IN M5 or dedicated coupler
Material IN Rc1/8
Material OUT needle adapter
Wetted body material PCTFE SUS304 SUS304 black PTFE Black PP SUS304
weight 125g 166g 174g 125g 128g 174g
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